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Empowering our community to their full potential through traditional martial arts and high level fitness in a modern fun setting. Providing real fighting techniques that work in self defense and in-competition.


Youth Martial Arts

Our martial arts program is all about making young men and women safe, confident, and healthy. Our system incorporates striking, grappling, strength and fitness training to make the most well-rounded martial artist possible. We train our students to never be bullies and never be bullied.

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Safely Compete

​ Safely and effectively learn how to defend yourself while being healthy and active

​Have Fun

Students who are learning while having fun, are students who will keep learning.


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Members of all ages learn discipline, respect and way of life.

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Prospex Athlete Training

For our members focusing on improving their overall athletic ability. This work out will connect your kinetic chain and build a strong athletic frame.

Muay Thai

Our classes will advance your technique and skill. Designed for all levels. These classes will also show you how to practically apply these techniques in a real fight or competition setting, we use thai pad, boxing mitts, dutch kickboxing drills, and light drill sparring.

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American Jiu Jitsu

Grappling that utilizes the American style of wrestling mixed with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Takedowns and heavy top pressure makes AJJ a dominant style in competition Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. We train in the Gi and without the Gi. We work our bottom submissions and top pressure. 

Meet the Team

Our team is built with years of fighting and training experience.

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The Coach And The Casual Podcast

Have you listened to our "The Coach and the Casual" podcast? This hilarious and enlightening MMA podcast is about to take the fight world by storm! Join your hosts, former UFC fighter Ramsey Nijem and Utah's own entrepreneur extraordinaire, Kyle Deever, as they dive headfirst into the thrilling universe of mixed martial arts.






6:30AM - 7:00PM


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